new gem. ANSI escape codes. lots of swag. here.


I just released the second version of Cape Cod, a ruby gem for dealing with ANSI escape codes.

You can check the code, docs and usage here.


Well, there are already plenty of gems that do exactly the same thing: append some weird chars to your strings; why, would I want another one?

Different people, different tastes. Some like to do it the block way, some by monkey patching, etc; each of the existing gems provide one of these ways, but they’re all kind of abandoned and featuring some lingering issues.

Cape Cod should be compatible with most part of the existing api’s out there, so if you want to use it, it ain’t gonna be a pain in the ass to adapt your code.

My goal is to keep it compatible and support all the common ways for dealing with ANSI escapes sequences.


As usual, add this to your Gemfile:

gem 'cape-cod'

then run:

$ bundle install

Or simply:

$ gem install cape-cod

Use it, and contribute back!